Educational Programs

A “capstone” initiative for the Outreach Core is the integration of all that has been learned by Labor Lab researchers and practitioners into an educational effort to enhance the knowledge and skill base of individuals who are concerned about worker health and well-being, especially concerning vulnerable workers. To this end, the Outreach Core will provide the following:

Public Lectures and Webinars

Presentations open to the public on topics specifically targeted to specific audiences such as healthcare professionals, organizational leaders and managers, unions and advocacy professionals, policymakers, occupational health professionals, workers in traditional and non-traditional employment (including but not limited to gig workers), and the unemployed.

Annual Conferences and Workshops

An annual conference exploring topics related to the Lab’s theme of the health impacts of emergent working conditions. The first of the conferences, to be held on May 17th-18th, concerns precarity in employment and its consequences. In addition, workshops related to the substance and methods of the Lab’s research and outreach are held when Lab activities warrant focused attention on specific topics. The first of these dealt with measurement issues in assessing the extent of alternative employment arrangements.

Certification Program in Total Worker Health®

A new certification program for Total Worker Health® professionals adopting a systems orientation to health, safety, and well-being and utilizing the research findings and best practices gleaned from Labor Lab work.

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