The California Labor Laboratory is a NIOSH Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health®. The Lab is a collaboration among investigators from UCSF, UC Berkeley, and the CA Department of Public Health Occupational Health Branch.

Leadership Team

Edward Yelin, Center Director

Headshot of Ed Yelin

Cristina Banks, Associate Director for Outreach

Headshot of Cristina Banks

Carisa Harris Adamson, Associate Director for Research

Headshot of Carisa Harris Adamson

Laura Stock, Director of Community Engagement

Headshot of Laura Stock

Alicia LaFrance, Center Coordinator

Headshot of Alicia LaFrance


Kyla Adams, CASS Project Health Communications Specialist

Headshot of Kyla Adams

Mary Deems, CASS Project Health Education Consultant

Headshot of Mary Deems

Fernanda Florez, CASS Project Research Associate

Headshot of Fernanda Florez

Monique Hosein, Community Engagement Coordinator

Headshot of Monique Hosein

Michelle Meyer, Educational Coordinator

Headshot of Michelle Meyer

Rebecca Wolfe, Graduate Student Researcher

Headshot of Rebecca Wolfe

Catherine Woodward Calder, Web Designer

Headshot of Catherine Woodward Calder

Trisha Iley, Research Analyst

Headshot of Trisha Iley

Ima Varghese Mac, Research Analyst

Headshot of Ima Varghese Mac

Center Investigators

Paul Blanc, MD, MSPH – UCSF Department of Medicine

Headshot of Paul Blanc

Member, Research Services Unit

Jing Cheng, MD, PhD – UCSF Division of Oral Epidemiology & Dental Public Health

Headshot of Jing Cheng

Member, Research Services Unit

Kristin Cummings, MD, MPH –CA Department of Public Health Occupational Health Branch

Headshot of Kristin Cummings

Co-PI, California Artificial Stone and Silicosis (CASS) Project

Kristen Harknett, PhD – UCSF Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Headshot of Kristen Harknett

Co-PI, Inequality in Job Conditions in the Service Sector Project

Robert Harrison, MD, MPH – CA Department of Public Health Occupational Health Branch

Headshot of Robert Harrison

Co-PI, CASS Project

Amy Heinzerling, MD, MPH – CA Department of Public Health Occupational Health Branch

Headshot of Amy Heinzerling

Co-PI, CASS Project

Ken Jacobs – UC Berkeley Labor Center

Headshot of Ken Jacobs

Member, Research Services Unit

Patti Katz, PhD – UCSF Department of Medicine and Institute for Health Policy Studies

Headshot of Patti Katz

Member, Research Services Unit

Niklas Krause, PhD – UCLA Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Headshot of Niklas Krause

Consultant, Evaluation and Planning Core

Nari Rhee, PhD – UC Berkeley Labor Center

Headshot of Nari Rhee

Co-Investigator, Emergent Working Conditions Project

Victor Rubin, PhD – PolicyLink

Headshot of Victor Rubin

Director, Policy Forum

Daniel Schneider, PhD – Harvard University Kennedy School

Headshot of Daniel Schneider

Co-PI, Inequality in Job Conditions in the Service Sector Project

External Advisory Board

Garen Corbett, MA

Director, California Health Benefits Review Program

Jeffrey Pfeffer, PhD

Professor, Stanford School of Business

Ninez Ponce, PhD

Director, Health Policy Center and Principal Investigator, California Health Interview Survey, UCLA

Michael Reich, PhD

Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley

Beth Ross, JD

Labor and Employment Attorney

Steven Shortell, PhD

Dean Emeritus, School of Public Health,

Professor of Health Policy, UC Berkeley

Sara Flocks

Legislative and Strategic Campaigns Director, California Labor Federation

Gervais Tompkin, AIA

Principal, Plus Gervais Architects

Jora Trang, JD

Chief of Staff and Equity, Worksafe