Community Engagement

The California Labor Lab is committed to the concepts of Community Engagement and Research to Practice.  Our goal is to ensure that our research, outreach, policy, and engagement activities reflect and serve impacted communities.  Community engagement will take several forms.

Community Engagement Activities

  • Each Labor Lab research project will engage members of the worker populations affected by the research to participate in all phases of the project.
  • The Outreach Core will provide support and consultation to the research teams to ensure targeted populations, especially vulnerable groups, are involved in addressing needs.
  • The Outreach Core will convene a center-wide Community Engagement Board whose membership represents diverse populations affected by the changing nature of work including labor unions, worker centers, community-based organizations, and advocacy groups.
  • The Community Engagement Board will be engaged in strategic planning for the Labor Lab as a whole, reviewing research progress, providing input into new research, policy and outreach directions.

Promoting Research to Practice

Research to practice (R2P) refers to the basic principle that research needs to serve a purpose and lead to action and improved health in the community.  R2P also involves a “practice to research” (P2R) orientation which is about setting research agendas that originate with—and respond to—the concerns and priorities of workers, employers, and other key stakeholders.  The Outreach Core will engage research teams in the R2P process.

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