Research Services Unit

The Research Services Unit (RSU) of the CA Labor Lab includes researchers at UCSF and UC Berkeley with a wide range of expertise, including research and sampling design, instrumentation, data management, statistical analyses, and labor market knowledge. RSU members are available to consult on existing Labor Lab projects, pilot studies, and trainee projects. 

To request a consultation, please contact Alicia LaFrance.



Paul Blanc, MD MPH

Occupational exposures

Jing Cheng, PhD

Biostatistics, power estimation

Kristen Harknett, PhD

Quantitative and qualitative research, demography, labor market measures

Carisa Harris Adamson, PhD

Ergonomics, work organization

Ken Jacobs

Labor market trends and measurement

Patricia Katz, PhD

Psychometrics, survey research methods, behavioral health measures

Edward Yelin, PhD

Survey research, techniques for systematic reviews, research techniques on vulnerable groups