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Songs About Work
By the California Labor Lab Team

June 4, 2024

Below is a list of songs about work, inspired by our annual conference

  • 9 to 5 — Dolly Parton
  • More Than A Paycheck — Sweet Honey In The Rock...

Tackling Workplace Challenges: Resources for Bay Area Workers
By Ima Varghese Mac

October 11, 2023

Shifts in the California labor market have made it difficult for workers to advocate for their rights and interests. As a result, many workers in the Bay Area are forced to endure poor working conditions, such as wage theft and increased ergonomic risks. While broader policies are needed to protect workers from these issues, there are ways workers can address the challenges that may be present in their workplace... 


The Stealthy Thief: Manifestations of Indirect Wage Theft and Lived Examples
By Alicia LaFrance, MPH, MSW

September 20, 2023

Wage theft is an issue that silently plagues the modern workforce, robbing hardworking individuals of their rightful earnings. A recent survey conducted by the California Labor Lab revealed that in the past 12 months, 13% of workers in California reported experiences where they anticipated payment for their work but never received it or received less than they expected... 


The Complex Reality of the California Labor Market: Untangling the Issues
By Ima Varghese Mac and Alicia LaFrance, MPH, MSW

July 31, 2023

With the rise of remote jobs, gig work, and new technology, the way people work has shifted drastically. Work-life boundaries have   blurred, algorithms have replaced supervisors, and employers are increasingly outsourcing their labor. These emergent working conditions lead to new challenges for the workforce. Broader socioeconomic trends...