Promoting Research to Practice

Research to practice (R2P) refers to the basic principle that research needs to serve a purpose and lead to action and improved health in the community.  R2P also involves a “practice to research” (P2R) orientation which is about setting research agendas that originate with—and respond to—the concerns and priorities of workers, employers, and other key stakeholders.  The Outreach Core engages research teams in the R2P process.

Research to Practice Toolkit:

The Labor Occupational Health Program is developing a Research to Practice Toolkit designed to help occupational safety and health researchers  think strategically about how to engage stakeholders and move their research findings into action, facilitating implementation of changes that improve community health. The toolkit walks research teams through the process of defining dissemination goals, identifying key stakeholders, including workers, unions, employers and policy makers,  and creating a research to practice and dissemination plan.